Campus Life Eco-friendly Campus
Preserving the nature around us is considered as the primary duty at Rungta. It has several plantations in all campuses and their surrounding areas too.

As you enter the Rungta Educational Complex at Bhilai the first impression which surely leaves a lasting impression is that of space. "Vast" seems to be a small word to describe it. This vast area is aesthetically landscaped to make good use of the topography. The people who form the core team have ensured that no effort is spared to make this educational hub an environment friendly zone. The care goes far beyond superficial landscaping. Many trees have been planted to make this place naturally beautiful. This also adds to the ambience of the entire campus. Students have as a part of their activities, tasks delegated to keep the campus clean and green.

As such a cool, green, and pleasant atmosphere in Rungta institutions stimulates positive learning and provides a lively environment for healthy interactions among the students and also with their mentors which makes Rungta college as the best college in chattisgarh.These moments are cherished and etched for a lifetime in the students’ mind.