Civil Engineering

Intake : 60 Seats

Rungta aims to train Civil Engineers to meet the ever growing challenges of the rapidly evolving construction activities. The department has developed a unique Civil Engineering programme that meets the standards and quality of the highest caliber. Several renowned architects and civil engineers are invited to enlighten the students on the emerging trends in design and materials. Civil Engineering department at Rungta has been established, keeping in view the global importance of this branch of engineering and the ever increasing demand for professionals in this branch. Rungta aims to train Civil Engineers to meet the challenges not only in our country but the world over with confidence and competence. The Civil Engineering Department at Rungta offers a B.Tech. Programme in Civil Engineering. The various areas of teaching expertise of the faculty include Structural Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Public Health Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Industrial Management and Engineering Geology. The Department has full-fledged Civil Engineering Labs, along with a centre for Geometrics as a value-addition. To offer consultancy in cement, concrete, sub-soil investigation and transportation engineering, Rungta aims to establish an exclusive computing facility for the department of Civil Engineering with the latest software in design, planning and management.