Campus Life Other Activities
Presenting the creative side
At Rungta, emphasis is laid on the need to strike a balance between classroom and out-of-classroom life. Students are also encouraged to form informal groups and clubs based on their areas of interest, to share information and exchange ideas.

Students of Rungta Educational Institutions are involved in National Level Cultural, Technical, and Sports Fest "Srijan", which offers wide scope of opportunities to develop closer interaction with other colleges. It also encourages students to organize several co-curricular and extracurricular activities like: Group Discussions, Debates, Elocution, Seminars, Skits, Plays, Games, Sports Meets, Quizes, Cultural Meets and so on. These activities help them to improve communication skills, develop the right kind of attitude and outlook, and build on the leadership qualities, ability to work in a high-pressure environment and manage stress well. These activities help them emerge as team players by refining interpersonal skills. The result is the overall personality development of the students who leave the campus ready to face the grim competition in the outside world.

Cultural activities at Rungta Educational Campus provide a full measure of opportunity to students for their artistic and theatrical pursuits. The campus has an auditorium with seating capacity of 400 and an open air Auditorium with a seating capacity of 1500, which forms the hub of the cultural life. Famous personalities have performed at these auditoriums. Student cultural committees under the guidance of faculty members of respective institutes organize various cultural programs from time to time in form of welcome parties, farewell parties and inter department competitions. These activities add another dimension to the many-sided life of the campus community. College Level Cultural Committees manage all cultural events in the college and works for further representation at the university level and other competitions. Rungta Colleges within the campus are winners of the state cultural youth festival for the last three years and large number of students represent respective colleges at National level.